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Anxiety // When the World's too big

There's a quite beautiful scene towards the beginning of Zack Snyder's Superman premiere: Man of Steel. The film kind of loses it in the third act and THEN Zack went and made Batman v. Superman which was not at all beautiful but hey, think happy thoughts - the beginning of Man of Steel.
Here's the clip, you should watch it.
Young Clark Kent is at school, when he finds himself overcome by a frenzied hypersensitivity to all that is around him. His unhinged super-hearing and X-Ray vision overwhelm him to the point where he runs to a closet, desperately trying to shut it all out. 
His adopted mother Martha comes to school to console him. 
"The world's too big mom."
"Then make it small...focus on my voice. Pretend it's an island, out in the ocean - can you see it?"

"...I see it."

"Then swim towards it, honey."
In this intimate, vulnerable moment, the would be god among men that is Superman is afraid and overwhelmed by the world around him…

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